In this day of spam emails and personal security, we have decided to remove the auto-contact form from this website.  We did it to protect you.. The athletes, parents and coaches.  In it's place, listed below are two email addresses in "plain text".  Email programs cannot automatically copy them using spybots or other email gathering systems.  It also prevents these wonderful little web programs from latching onto your computer while you fill in a web based contact form.

Use your own email program to contact us if you require information about the Canadian National Pistol Championships, ISSF/Olympic pistol shooting or other information that is pistol shooting specifically related.  Just parse the email name of the person you wish to contact.

Listed below are two people you can contact for information:

Harvey:  hrlavigne-@-skyvelocity-dot-ca

Keith:  stieb-@-pistolcanada-dot-ca

Information on the National Pistol Championships:

Bernie:  drbernie-@-telus-dot-net